What is DVswitch?

DVswitch is a digital video mixer intended for interactive live mixing of several incoming DV video streams.


Above you see the main mixer screen and 4 live sources: audio, presenter, audience, projector.

It was originally designed for the needs of DebConf. It has now been used for various other conferences, meetings and live musical performances.

Currently DVswitch can combine audio from one source with video from another and can combine two video streams with a picture-in-picture effect. Further mixing effects are planned. It works solely with the DV format since it is widely supported by camcorders and it allows for low latency display and cutting.

DVswitch was presented as part of a talk at LCA in 2011; see the video as Ogg Theora or Flash.

DVswitch was presented at FOSDEM in 2009; see the slides or the video.

If you want to see videos made with DVswitch, go to examples

Getting started

Download from Alioth. Or, if you're running Debian unstable, "apt-get install dvswitch".

Then see the README file (doc/README or /usr/share/doc/dvswitch/README.gz).

Docs - Overviews and tutorials for Producing videos

Getting involved

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